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Hydrocodone – Ultimate Pain Reliever

Hydrocodone is a medication classified as an opioid (narcotic) pain medication. The active ingredients of the drug affect the central nervous system, relieving acute pain. The treatment is for as-needed use, so it cannot be taken daily. The medication overuse or misuse can be fatal.

Safety Information to Mind before the Intake: Recommendations for Use, Contraindications, Precautions

Before taking the medication consult your doctor and make sure the treatment will help you eliminate the symptoms of severe pain and will not cause side effects. Hydrocodone should not be administered by patients who are allergic to its active ingredients or the ones that have certain health problems, e.g.:

  • Paralytic ileus (a bowel obstruction);
  • Asthma or other breathing disorder.

Since the medication has a drastic impact on the organism and can be habit-forming, it should never be passed to other people even with the same symptoms. Besides, it is not recommended to patients who have a history of alcohol or drug abuse.

Numerous prescription and OTC medications may interact with Hydrocodone, causing serotonin syndrome and other complications. Make sure the doctor knows about other pharmaceuticals you are currently using, including depression treatments, migraine drugs, mental illness pill, etc. Inform your healthcare provider about other diseases and health problems you have, especially:

  • Breathing complications, lung diseases or related disorders;
  • Urination diseases;
  • Kidney or lung issues;
  • Seizure, convulsions and similar problems;
  • Brain tumor, severe head injury;
  • Alcohol or drug addiction;    
  • Psychical illness;       
  • Stomach or intestinal blockage;        
  • Heart rhythm disorder;
  • Thyroid, pancreas or gallbladder issues, etc.

Hydrocodone should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women due to the possible risk of severe side effects in nursing and unborn children. Keep in mind that the medication misuse or overuse can lead to addiction and even death.

Properly Selected Hydrocodone Dose – Optimal Way to Successful Treatment Course

Hydrocodone dose should be recommended by a qualified doctor only. Never adjust the medication dose on your own, as you can misuse the treatment and get dangerous complications. The medication dose will depend on numerous factors, though an average initial dose is 10 mg Hydrocodone each 12 hours. The maximal possible dose reaches 80 mg. Strictly follow the prescription to avoid devastating consequences.

Hydrocodone Misuse and Overuse – Side Effects and Complications

Seek emergency professional assistance in case any side effects occurred after the medication intake. The most severe complications reported include:

  • Allergic reactions;
  • Mild exertions, problems breathing;
  • Light-headedness;     
  • Confusion, dizziness, drowsiness, tremors; 
  • Stomach disorders, vomiting, nausea, constipation;
  • Infertility, impotence, low libido and others.