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Nexium – Innovative Drug to Treat Stomach Disorders

Belonging to a group of proton pump inhibitors, Nexium serves a revolutionary medication on the way to improved stomach disorders. Also known as Esomeprazole, the treatment reduces the amount of acid produced within the stomach, balancing numerous important functions.

Concerning the powerful effect the drug produces on the body, it is commonly prescribed as a treatment for multiple devastating conditions, including Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease and other conditions, related to excessive stomach acid. Additionally, the medication is recommended for patients to promote improvement of esophagus damage caused by the stomach acid. Besides, the drug is given to patients to warn gastric ulcers caused by the use of NSAIDs or infection with helicobacter pylori. Despite a wide range of Nexium action, it cannot produce immediate relief of heartburn symptoms.

Nexium Safety Guide: Contraindications, Recommendations for Use, Precautions

Irrespective of Nexium origin, one should follow a range of rules to make the treatment course safe and effective. Do not take Nexium if you have a history of allergic reactions to the treatment, its components or similar medications. The ingredients of the drug may pass into the breast milk, causing severe side effects in a nursing child. Besides, the medication is not recommended for pregnant women due to the devastating impact it may provide on an unborn child. Tell your healthcare provider about all the health complications you have, especially:

  • Osteopenia;
  • Osteoporosis;
  • Liver damages;          
  • Kidney disorders;     
  • Low magnesium levels in the blood, etc.

Nexium Interactions  

Inform your doctor about other medications you are taking to avoid negative combinations. Nexium interacts with numerous prescription and non-prescription medications, including the following:

  • Tacrolimus;
  • Digoxin;
  • HIV/AIDS Medications;
  • Warfarin;
  • Iron-Containing Drugs;
  • Cilostazol;
  • Clopidogrel;
  • Anti-fungal remedies;
  • Mycophenolate Mofetil;        
  • Diazepam;
  • Erlotinib;
  • Methotrexate;
  • Rifampin and others.

Since this is not a complete list of interactions Nexium produces, tell your doctor about other combinations to benefit from the medication effect.

Possible Nexium Side Effects

Follow the doctor’s recommendations, safety instructions and administration schedule to make the treatment safe and harmless. Nexium misuse and overuse can cause serious complications and adverse reactions. Seek emergency medical assistance if you have noticed any severe side effects, such as the following:

  • Allergic reactions (hives, itching, swelling of different body parts);
  • Seizures, convulsions;
  • Stomach pain, vomiting, watery or bloody diarrhea;
  • Signs of low magnesium, including confusion, tremors, dizziness, fast and irregular heartbeat, cough, cramps and others;
  • Symptoms of kidney disorders, such as changed urination, swelling, bloody stools, fast weight gain, etc.