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Proscar and Its Health Benefits

For those patients who suffer from BHP, it’s advisable to consider the intake of Proscar either alone or in a combination with other meds to reduce the unwanted symptoms of this disease and need for surgical operations. Its use improves this medical condition and provides patients with other benefits, including their reduced urge to urinate, nighttime urination and a better urine flow. Basically, Proscar works by reducing the amount of DHT in the body, which is responsible for growing a prostate.

Everything about Its Use

You need to take this medicine orally, once a day, with and without food, and according to the instructions given by your physician. Its use is not intended for children and female patients. You should understand that a prostate gland is around a tube that empties your urine from a bladder. When it starts enlarging, usually in senior men, it may block or obstruct their urine flow, thus, causing a number of unpleasant symptoms, such as narrow stream, interruption, problems, urinary burning, urgency, etc.

BPH is a medical condition that depends solely on DHT levels, and the intake of Proscar inhibits one enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to DHT in prostates. This means that it reduces tissue and blood DHT levels, thus, helping patients lower the size of their prostate glands. The good news is that this positive effect can be achieved by most male patients, but it takes a few weeks and even months to start noticing it. You can take this medication that comes as 5 mg pills with such drugs as doxazosin and alpha-blockers, too.

Possible Adverse Reactions

One of the most common side effects is reduced sexual desire and ability of patients. Sometimes, Proscar may reduce the amount of semen but this reaction is completely harmless. Other adverse effects that may be expected include the following:

  • Increased hair growth;
  • Pain in testicles;
  • Nipple discharge;       
  • Inability to urinate;
  • Allergic reactions;      
  • Dizziness;
  • Breast tenderness.

Important Precautions and Drug Interactions

Before you start taking Proscar, you need to inform doctors about any allergic reactions that you have to avoid possible risks. The same can be said for your entire medical history, especially if you have certain infections, liver complications, prostate cancer, urinary issues and so on. Finally, you should find out more about possible drug interactions because they must be avoided to prevent health risks. Keep in mind that the use of Proscar may cause false blood test results, so that you need to inform lab specialists about that. It’s necessary to tell your doctors about other pharmaceutical products that you’re taking, including standard medications, prescription drugs, herbal supplements and others. The main reason is that their combined intake may result in unwanted reactions and decreased effectiveness. You should make their list and take it with you when going to the hospital to be prescribed with the right BHP treatment and its dose.