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What Patients Should Learn about Premarin

Premarin is often prescribed to treat different symptoms of menopause, such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes and so on. However, if you want to treat only vaginal atrophy or dryness, it’s advisable to apply special cream. Some women also start this treatment if their bodies don’t produce enough estrogen because of removing their ovaries, hypogonadism and a few other health problems. You can start taking Premarin to treat osteoporosis, prostate cancer and breast cancer, while its intravenous form is chosen to treat uterine bleeding caused by certain hormonal imbalances.

Its Mechanism of Action

Premarin belongs to man-made estrogens derived from natural sources and combined in the right composition. It’s not a secret that they have a number of effects on the body, including development and growth of female organs and characteristics, such as skeleton, bodily contours, etc.

List of Possible Unwanted Reactions

Like many other medications, Premarin may result in experiencing certain side effects, but the good news is that they are rare and most of them are quite mild. For example, some of the most common adverse effects include:

  • Mildheadaches;
  • Unusualnervousness and tiredness;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Abdominal and jointpain;     
  • Vaginalbleeding.

In rare cases, some patients may develop more serious side effects, and they include:

  • Prolonged or lostperiods;
  • Vaginalspotting;
  • Breastpain;
  • Decreased or increased sexual drive.

Don’t forget about the effects of Premarin on the skin, including rashes, because they may develop on cheeks and other areas. The intake of any estrogen is also responsible for increasing calcium levels in those patients who have bone or breast cancer, so that they should be careful. Besides, this medication may cause water and salt retention.

Available Preparations and Doses

Basically, Premarin can be found in the form of injections, vaginal creams and standard pills that come in different strengths. If you want to minimize the risk of having side effects, you should start with taking a minimal dose – 0.3 mg. It’s possible to increase and decrease it based on your personal response and other factors. Some patients need to administer this medication continuously, and those who have hypogonadism need to take the same dose for about 25 days.

Those women who have removed ovaries or suffer from ovarian failure need to take 1.25 mg every day within a few weeks. When treating breast cancer, you need to take 10 mg for 3 months. Those patients who have uterine bleeding caused by hormonal imbalances need to take 25 intravenously, while vaginal cream is used to treat vaginal and vulvar atrophy.

Risky Drug Interactions

Ensure that you don’t combine Premarin with such Coumadin because of its blood thinning effects. You should avoid Rifampin, Tegregol, Nizoral, Norvir and other drugs during this kind of treatment.